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Management & Leadership Conference

Overview: Sileo Events was hired to plan and execute a virtual management and leadership conference. The conference was to take place over the span of two days on the Hopin platform and was expected to draw over 4,000 virtual attendees.

 Type: Virtual Conference

Platform: Hopin

Sileo Events were presented with several challenges in the planning and execution of this conference, including:

  1. Handling the demands and concerns of 15+ sponsors who are leaders in their various industries.

  2. Managing and training over 40+ speakers who will be speaking at the conference virtually.

  3. Major delays in the provision of assets from sponsors and speakers.

Despite these challenges, Sileo Events was able to quickly come up with a plan to ensure that the conference was a success.

  1. Corresponded with each sponsor individually and provided them with all necessary information.

  2. Worked with the IT departments of each sponsor to clear any restrictions that would prevent attendees from accessing the conference on the Hopin platform.

  3. Scheduled six 30-minute training and technical support sessions for speakers leading up to the conference.

  4. Worked with busy speakers to schedule and produce prerecorded sessions.

  5. Worked with speakers, sponsors, and organizers to obtain all necessary assets in the days leading up to the conference.

  6. Worked around the clock with their internal team to compile and have assets ready for the conference.


Thanks to the experience, talent, and resourcefulness of Sileo Events, the conference exceeded the client's expectations. The attendees were impressed with the high level of organization and execution, and the sponsors were pleased with the turnout and that their demands were met. The client was delighted with the results.


This case study demonstrates the importance of experience in managing speakers and sponsors and providing all the necessary tools for a successful virtual conference. Despite facing several challenges, Sileo Events was able to successfully resolve the issues and deliver a successful conference for their client. This experience showcases the agency's ability to handle a wide range of challenges and deliver exceptional results under pressure.

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