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DIGITAL BAnking Summit

Overview: Sileo Events was hired to plan and produce a large in-person Digital Banking Conference. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference had to be transitioned to a virtual format. The conference was expected to draw over 5,000 attendees from around the world.

Event Type: Virtual Conference

Platform: Eventus (recently acquired by Bevy)

Sileo Events faced several challenges in transitioning the conference to a virtual format:

  1. They had to determine the best platform to use for the conference that would accommodate a large number of attendees and provide a high-quality experience.

  2. They also had to manage speakers from different continents and time zones, and train them to use the new platform.

  3. Additionally, they had to transition the sponsors from physical to virtual booths and ensure that all contractual obligations were met and adjusted for the virtual setting.

Sileo Events worked diligently to come up with solutions and ensure that the conference was a success.

  1. Sileo conducted extensive research and testing to determine the most suitable platform for the conference. They ultimately chose a platform that offered a range of features and tools for hosting large-scale conferences and provided a seamless experience for attendees.

  2. To manage the speakers and ensure that they were comfortable and prepared to present virtually, the ABC Agency provided training sessions and technical support leading up to the conference. They also worked with speakers to schedule and produce prerecorded sessions, as needed, to accommodate different time zones and schedules.

  3. To transition the sponsors from physical to virtual booths, Sileo worked closely with each sponsor to understand their needs and expectations. They then created customized virtual booth spaces on Eventus and provided training and support to ensure that the sponsors were able to effectively promote their products and services to attendees. They also provided the sponsors with detailed reports of engagement and interactions with their booth during the conference.

Thanks to the careful planning and attention to detail of Sileo Events, the virtual conference was a success. The attendees were satisfied with the quality of the conference, and the speakers were able to deliver engaging and informative presentations. The sponsors were also satisfied with their virtual booth experiences and the overall results of the conference. The conference received positive feedback and was conducted four additional times between 2020 to 2022 as a result of Sileo Events' efforts.


This case study demonstrates Sileo Events' ability to adapt to changing circumstances and successfully transition a large conference to a virtual format. By carefully selecting the right platform, providing thorough training and support to speakers, and working closely with sponsors to meet their needs in a virtual setting, the agency was able to deliver a high-quality conference that met the expectations of attendees and generated positive results.

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