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Medical Conference

Overview: Sileo Events was hired to plan and execute a large Medical Conference. The conference took place at a popular convention center, as well as broadcasted over Hopin, and drew over 1,000 in-person attendees and about 4,000 virtual attendees.

Event Type: Hybrid Conference

Platform: Hopin

Sileo Events had less than 4 weeks to plan and execute the conference. The following are three main challenges we faced:

  1. Several key vendors did not deliver the necessary equipment and supplies on time, which disrupted the setup and decorating process.

  2. The keynote speaker had to cancel due to a family emergency, and the organizers had difficulty finding a suitable replacement at such short notice.

  3. The convention center experienced a power outage on the day of the event, which caused further delays and challenges.

Despite these setbacks, Sileo Events was able to quickly come up with solutions and ensure that the event was a success.

  1. To address the issue with the vendors, the agency reached out to alternative suppliers and was able to secure the necessary equipment and supplies.

  2. We also worked closely with the convention center to ensure that all necessary repairs were made promptly.

  3. To find a replacement keynote speaker, Sileo Events in collaboration with the organizers utilized their network of industry contacts and were able to secure a highly regarded speaker on short notice.

  4. Finally, to address the power outage, Sileo had backup generators on hand and worked with the convention center to ensure that all necessary technical issues were resolved.

Thanks to the quick thinking and resourcefulness of Sileo Events, the conference was a resounding success. The attendees were impressed with the high level of organization and execution, and the client was extremely satisfied with the results. 

This case study demonstrates the importance of being prepared and adaptable in the event management and production industry. Despite facing several challenges, Sileo Events was able to successfully resolve the issues and deliver a successful conference for their client. This experience showcases the agency's ability to handle unexpected challenges and deliver exceptional results under pressure.

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